The Malaysian Government Must Curb Trade Between Malaysia And The Zionist Apartheid State


22 October 2018


Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) notes with grave concern recent reports that Malaysia was a purchaser of Israeli-produced spyware. 

If the report is true, it is but an indication that trading relations between Malaysia and the Zionist apartheid state exist despite the official stand of the Malaysian government that it will not countenance any diplomatic, cultural, economic or any other form of ties whatsoever with Israel.

The public has to understand that as long as the Zionist apartheid state is treated with respectability, normality and a ‘business-as-usual’ attitude, it will consider that an endorsement of its oppressive policies towards the Palestinian people, making a just peace for all parties in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict harder to achieve. Just as the apartheid regime of South Africa was peacefully dismantled through a boycott and sanctions campaign, the same objective can be achieved using the same means against Israel. The Zionist apartheid state must continue to be the target of campaigns to isolate it. 

In this respect, BDS Malaysia is disappointed that trade had taken place between Malaysia and Israel the past several years. However, we note that that had taken place when Malaysia was under a political party which since May 2018 is no longer in government. 

We heartily welcome the strong pro-Palestinian stance of the new Malaysian government and encourage it to take meaningful steps to clamp down on illicit trade with the Zionist apartheid state. We therefore urge the government to:

a) investigate the allegations regarding the purchase of the Israeli spyware, establish its veracity or otherwise and if it was true, establish who in the previous government was responsible.
b) devise and announce in Parliament measures to detect and curb illicit trade with Israel.

The people and government of Malaysia should not underestimate their ability to help in the Palestinian cause. Every little bit matters. Boycotting Israeli products and forsaking trade with the Zionist apartheid state will hurt them and help to advance the struggle for justice in Palestine.

Chairman, Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia)

On Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Plan to Recognise Jerusalem As the Capital of Israel

18 October 2018


“….Today we honour the Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history. We reflect on their past mistreatment. We reflect in particular on the mistreatment of those who were Stolen Generations—this blemished chapter in our nation’s history.

The time has now come for the nation to turn a new page in Australia’s history by righting the wrongs of the past and so moving forward with confidence to the future. We apologise for the laws and policies of successive Parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss on these our fellow Australians….”

— Excerpt from the Statement of Apology to the Aboriginal people of Australia by the Prime Minister of Australia, read in Parliament, 13 February 2008.   

“….we formally offer an apology. We say sorry to those Aboriginal people forcibly removed from their families through the first seven decades of the 20th century. In doing so, we reach from within ourselves to our past, those whose lives connect us to it, and in deep understanding of its importance to our future. We will be at our best today and every day if we pause to place ourselves in the shoes of others, imbued with the imaginative capacity to see this issue through their eyes with decency and respect….”

— Excerpt from the Statement of Apology to the Aboriginal people of Australia by the Leader of the Opposition, read in Parliament, 13 February 2008.

The above are indeed momentous statements in Australian history, made in reference to the Stolen Generations of the Aboriginal people of Australia but explicit also in their admission of past mistreatments and brutalities inflicted on the Aboriginal people by the European settler population and the misguided policies of successive Australian governments. 

To the watching world, while the statements pertain to a wholly domestic matter of Australia, it is nonetheless fair to expect that the very humane spirit behind them carry over to Australia’s foreign policy. Given the contrition expressed by the Australian government, it ought to be the foremost or at least prominent on the world stage, in opposing and protesting against any form of racial violence or ethnic cleansing, episodes of which are undeniable in Australia’s own history.

In this context, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s recent statement that Australia will consider recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is certainly not in keeping with the spirit of the apology made in the Australian parliament in February 2008 and is plainly wrong on so many levels.

Palestinians, for the past seven decades and even as we speak, are subjected to all kinds of unabated oppression, brutalities, ethnic cleansing and genocide. One cannot help but wonder if Mr Morrison thought the past treatment of the Aboriginal population of Australia was wrong but the current mistreatment of Palestinians at the hand of the Israeli government is perfectly acceptable. Recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will only send the message that the Australian government has neither objection nor disapproval for Israeli policy towards Palestinians. 

Mr Morrison appears to be prepared to spit on the longstanding policy of previous Australian governments that the status of Jerusalem is subject to peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

He is contemptuous of the United Nations resolution that declares the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is null and void. 

He is contemptuous of the UN member states who voted for that resolution. 

He is contemptuous of the UN resolution that declares Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem are illegal since recognition of Jerusalem as the capital will only encourage more such settlements.

If Mr Morrison’s declaration was a by-election ploy, it is nothing but an insult to the Jewish voters of the constituency in question for lumping all of them as rabid Zionists who are unquestioningly enthusiastic about Israeli policy towards Palestinians. Such is not the case, however much the mainstream media try to give that impression. 

Mr Morrison goes on and on about supporting a two-state solution as if that will justify any talk about recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He has failed to see that a genuinely just two-state solution is now almost an impossibility given the facts on the ground in Palestine, all due to the actions of the Israeli occupying power who in the first place has never displayed any real desire to pursue a two-state solution. Even if a two-state solution is still possible, pandering to Israel by recognising Jerusalem as its capital will only render the possibility slimmer than what it is now. Mr Morrison does not seem to fathom the contradiction in his posturing. 

A just peace for all parties can only be brought about if sufficient international pressure can be brought to bear on the Israeli apartheid state. Such a pressure through a non-violent boycott, divest and sanctions campaign has proven to be effective in ending apartheid in South Africa and will be equally effective in the case of apartheid Israel. We therefore call on Mr Morrison and the Australian government to give their support to the international Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement if a genuinely just peace in the Middle East is truly their goal.    

The two aforementioned statements of apology were met by a standing ovation by the whole house after they were made in the Australian parliament that February day in 2008. Mr Morrison was certainly among the MPs giving that ovation. Implicit in those statements were the noble sentiments that all forms of racial violence are to be abhorred, no matter who the perpetrators and victims are, that might is not right and that the victims should not be blamed. Lest the words spoken that day were hollow meaningless ones to him, we urge Mr Morrison to live up to those sentiments and, to paraphrase the words used by his own party leader then, have the imaginative capacity to see the Palestinian-Israeli issue through Palestinian eyes with decency and respect for, just like the Aboriginal people of Australia of the past, the Palestinians of today are the blameless victims of racial violence and the might of the Israeli regime does not make its actions right. 

We, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement of Malaysia call on Prime Minister Morrison to Do the Right Thing and shelve any plans by the Australian government to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, Malaysia (BDS Malaysia)

Kenyataan Media dari BDS Malaysia berkenaan Komen Canselor Kurz dari Austria

Kenyataan Media dari BDS Malaysia berkenaan Komen Canselor Kurz dari Austria

24 Januari 2019

Baru-baru ini Canselor Kurz dari Austria telah menyuarakan kebimbangan beliau berkenaan sikap anti-semitik (atau sikap kebencian kepada orang Yahudi) Malaysia semasa pertemuan beliau dengan Perdana Menteri Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad di Vienna. Ini susulan keputusan Malaysia menyekat penyertaan atlet Israel di Pertandingan Renang Para di Kuching pada bukan Julai 2019. 

Memandangkan bahawa sejarah Eropah adalah penuh dengan episod keganasan yang mengerikan terhadap bangsa Yahudi yang mencapai kemuncaknya semasa Perang Dunia Kedua, kita boleh memahami kebimbangan beliau tentang kemungkinan sikap antisemitik ini muncul lagi di tempat-tempat lain.

Namun hakikatnya ialah sikap anti-semitik adalah sebenarnya masalah yang khusus kepada komuniti Kristian di Eropah dan masyarakat barat lain semata-mata dan tidak di Asia. Pergerakan anti-Israel di Malaysia, yang mana Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions – Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) adalah sebahagian darinya, adalah langsung tidak bersikap antisemitik atau benci kepada bangsa Yahudi. 

Bahkan sebenarnya kita juga membenci semua bentuk sikap antisemitik dan tidak mahu dikaitkan dengan mana-mana pihak yang mempunyai sikap perkauman ini. Kita tidak membenci kaum etnik Yahudi atau mana-mana kaum etnik. Kita sangat sedar bahawa keturunan etnik atau bangsa seseorang individu adalah bukan pilihan individu tersebut dan oleh itu adalah sangat tidak wajar membenci seseorang individu semata-mata kerana beliau adalah berketurunan sesuatu kaum atau bangsa. 

Namun kita sangat membenci puak yang berfahaman Zionis sama ada mereka berketurunan Yahudi atau bukan Yahudi. Ini kerana puak Zionis lah yang telah secara haram mewujudkan negara Zionis Israel dengan membunuh ribuan rakyat Palestin, menghalau 750 ribu yang lain dan merampas tanah dan harta mereka. Puak Zionis adalah penyebab utama kepada penderitaan rakyat Palestin yang telah berlaku semenjak tujuh dekad yang lalu dan masih berterusan. 

Adalah salah untuk menyatakan bahawa sekatan Malaysia terhadap athlet Israel adalah akibat dari sikap antisemitik atau kebencian kita terhadap bangsa Yahudi. Kita menyekat wakil Israel kerana Israel adalah sebuah negara apartheid yang zalim. Di samping itu kita juga tidak mahu dieksploitasikan oleh mesin propaganda Zionis Israel yang akan mengatakan Malaysia adalah sebuah negara majoriti Muslim yang boleh menerima penindasan zalim Israel terhadap rakyat Palestin. Sebaliknya kita akan terus memboikot Israel dalam semua bidang selagi Israel menzalimi rakyat Palestin. Kita juga akan terus menyokong rakyat Palestin yang menjadi mangsa kepada kezaliman ini.

Perlu dinyatakan sekali lagi bahawa Malaysia adalah bukan anti-Yahudi. Buktinya ialah ramai pengkritik lantang terhadap Israel yang berketurunan Yahudi seperti Miko Peled, Dr Peter Slezak, Anna Baltzer dan pemimpin Flotilla Freedom Gaza bernama Zohar Regev telah dibenarkan melawat Malaysia dan disambut dengan baik oleh kerajaan dan rakyat Malaysia. Sebenarnya kita tidak kisah bangsa etnik mereka tetapi kita sebaliknya menerima baik kedatangan mereka kerana mereka adalah pejuang keadilan yang akan membantu menerangkan hakikat sebenar kezaliman Israel kepada rakyat Malaysia. Tambahan pula Miko Peled adalah tetamu Dr Mahathir sendiri. Ini membuktikan bahawa Dr Mahathir bukan seorang yang antisemitik atau anti Yahudi. 

Di samping itu, Canselor Kurz juga harus mengambil kira perkara-perkara berikut.

1. Beliau telah mengisytiharkan Austria sebagai sahabat dan rakan kongsi Israel. Persoalannya ialah apakah ini bermakna Austria memberi sokongan penuh kepada dasar apartheid dan tindakan-tindakan kejam pemerintah Israel terhadap rakyat Palestin? Sekiranya tidak, Austria perlu mengisytiharkan penentangan terhadap dasar-dasar Israel tersebut secara terbuka. Apakah ertinya menjadi rakan kepada Israel jika enggan memberikan teguran apabila Israel telah jelas melakukan kesalahan? Jika Austria enggan berterus terang kepada Israel, ini bermakna Austria juga tidak layak untuk mengajar orang lain mengenai sifat antisemitisk.

2. Sudah menjadi tabiat biasa bagi kerajaan Israel untuk menuduh mana-mana pihak yang mengkritiknya sebagai kumpulan antisemitik. Walaupun memang benar seseorang yang antisemitik adalah seseorang yang tidak menyukai orang Yahudi, namun sekarang apa yang jelas Israel telah menggunakan istilah itu untuk melabel mana-mana individu yang tidak disukai oleh Israel. Canselor Kurz perlu sedar bahawa penentangannya terhadap antisemitik dengan cara yang difahami oleh Israel telah berjaya memenuhi perancangan jahat Israel untuk menghalang sebarang perbincangan bebas dan kritikan yang sah terhadap tindakan zalim  Israel terhadap rakyat Palestin.

3. Kerajaan Israel mendakwa ia bercakap dan bertindak atas nama semua orang Yahudi di dunia, walaupun sekarang telah terbukti dengan jelas bahawa ini adalah tidak benar. Tindakannya dengan sengaja menyamakan istilah ‘Yahudi’ dengan istilah ‘Israel’ telah menimbulkan banyak kekeliruan, terutama sekali kerana Israel telah terlibat dengan tindakan yang jelas melanggar hak asasi rakyat Palestin. Kebencian terhadap kezaliman Israel telah mengakibatkan ramai pihak yang keliru dan membenci semua orang Yahudi dan oleh itu menjadi antisemitik. Sebenarnya Israel amat suka dengan peningkatan sikap antisemitik kerana ini akan menjayakan objektif utama fahaman Zionis iaitu peningkatan penghijrahan orang-orang Yahudi ke Israel. Canselor Kurz perlu berkongsi kekhuatirannya terhadap isu ini dengan kerajaan Israel atau memboikotnya secara total.