Akhir-akhir ini kita dikejutkan dengan berita perdamaian antara beberapa negara Arab dengan rejim Zionis Israel.

Perdamaian ini dilaksanakan dengan Amerika Syarikat (US) bertindak sebagai broker.

Perdamaian ini dikecam oleh pelbagai pihak yang melihat ia sebagai bertentangan dengan pendirian negara-negara Arab dan Islam selama ini yang menolak perdamaian dengan rejim Zionis Israel selagi entiti itu enggan mematuhi undang-undang dan resolusi antarabangsa yang telah diputuskan.

Terbaru, kita mendengar berita Indonesia cuba disogok oleh US dengan pelaburan bernilai trillion dolar untuk menjalin hubungan diplomatik dengan Israel.

Bagaimana dengan Malaysia? Apa pendirian kita terhadap perkembangan ini?

Apakah kesan jangka pendek dan kesan jangka panjang perkembangan ini kepada rakyat Palestin?

Ikuti pandangan ahli akademik, wakil-wakil NGO dan ahli politik kita terhadap isu ini pada:

9 JAN 2020 (SABTU)
2.30 – 4.30 PETANG
LIVE @ Facebook BDS Malaysia

Ahli Panel:

YB Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh,
Ahli Parlimen Ledang

YBM Senator Dato’ Raja Kamarul Bahrin,
Ahli Dewan Negara

Prof. Dr. Mohd Afandi Salleh,
Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA)

Prof. Dr. Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor,
Universiti Malaya (UM)

Prof. Dr. Chandra Muzaffar,
International Movement for a Just World (JUST)

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid,
Majlis Perundingan Pertubuhan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM)

Prof. Madya Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor,
Humanitarian Care Malaysia (MyCARE)

Pn. Azra Banu,
Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM)

Muslim Imran,
Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM)

Tn. Hj. Badlishah Sham Bahrin,
Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia (IKRAM)

Tn. Hj. Sahak Yasin,
Muslim Business Network Association of Malaysia (MUBIN)

Pn. Sri Norma Hashim,
Al-Fitrah Foundation

Ahmad Fahmi Mohd Samsudin,
Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM)

Siti Dayana Zawani Ahmad Fathi
Persatuan Belia Harmoni Malaysia (HARMONI)

Nurul Aqilah Mahmud
Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM)

Moderator :

Prof. Dr. Mohd Nazari Ismail,
Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Malaysia



An exhibition on the Apartheid Wall in Palestine is being held today and tomorrow at the Masjid Wilayah. Everyone is welcome and entrance is free of charge. Learn how Israel is victimizing Palestinians by building this wall which has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice.

In 2002, Israel decided to build the so-called Separation Wall. By 2003, it had already constructed 143 kilometers of the colossal structure, most of which cut deep into the West Bank, the Palestinian territory that Israel has occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967. Its route through occupied West Bank territory means that the Wall infringes directly on the rights and lives of 210,000 Palestinians residing in 67 villages, towns, and cities.

In the 16 years since construction began, the lives of almost three million Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem have been transformed almost beyond recognition. Military checkpoints are now a part of people’s daily routine. The Wall cuts Palestinians off from their land; Jerusalemites are separated from family members in the West Bank; ambulances and patients cannot reach hospitals, and babies are born in the street.

Despite all of this, myths abound about the Separation Wall that minimize its impact on Palestinians and paint it as just one aspect of an allegedly “benign occupation”. Sections of it have become spectacles, daubed with street art and marketed as a tourist attraction. The language of “security” is frequently employed to justify its existence.


Solidarity Football Match #BoycottPuma

from left to right: Dr Awangku Abd Rahman, USIM. Dr Waheed of PSA. Mr Rayyan of PSA. Dr Zin Kandar, MyCare n Mr Nur Ekman, Sports Officer of USIM.

#BoycottPuma Round Two:

Across the world, fans of fair play and sports for everyone are joining the call from Palestinian teams and athletes to boycott sportswear manufacturer Puma until it ends support for Israel’s illegal military occupation and denial of Palestinian human rights.

Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association (IFA), which proudly includes and advocates on behalf of teams in Israeli settlements pushing Palestinian families off their land. Israeli settlements are illegal and constitute a war crime under international law.

On October 26 2019, USIM supported by MyCare will be hosting a friendly football match as part of our global efforts to raise awareness of our #BoycottPuma

The match will be between Palestinian Students Association (PSA) of Malaysia and a selected USIM student team.

Details of the match below…

PSA vs USIM (Friendly)
Matchday: 26 October 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 4.45pm-6.00pm
Sports Stadium Tunku Najihah,
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia,
71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

More information on the #BoycottPuma global boycott initiative at:

Thank you Mr Kevin Watkins

BDS Malaysia would like to thank Mr Kevin Watkins of Save the Children UK, for elucidating the terrible deprivations now being inflicted on the people of Gaza, especially the children there. ( )

Mr Watkins is absolutely right in that the humanitarian crisis engulfing the Gazan population has not received the highlighting it deserves in the world media. It is but one manifestation of the double standards and hypocrisy of the world’s major media outlets which have helped to prolong the agony and suffering of Palestinians to more than seven decades.

If there is one criticism that can be directed against Mr Watkins’ article, it is that, as is often the wont among observers whose overriding concern is humanitarian, it does not take cognizance of the fact that the conflict is not at all a contest between equals.

In what is going on in Gaza, there is one side, the Israeli one, which holds all the cards, the weapons and the means to put an end to the humanitarian crisis and then there is the other side which no word other than ‘victims’ can describe it and that is the Palestinians in Gaza. This is the inescapable reality on the ground, a reality reflected by various resolutions of international bodies that the Gaza siege is tantamount to collective punishment and a war crime. It is not a reviving of an old tired debate. It is merely a recognition of which party is fully responsible for the slow genocide of Gaza’s children and should bear the full brunt of international pressure to end the blockade of Gaza.

There is no basis in reality to even imply that the Gazans and their local leaders have any more scope of concessions to make to Israel’s security in order for the blockade to be lifted.

That said, we stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr Watkins in that no one in his or her right mind should believe that it is right the children of Gaza be pushed to the brink of starvation by a crisis they played no part in creating and we therefore call on the international community to apply all necessary pressure on Israel to immediately lift its blockade of Gaza.

BDS Malaysia
9 August 2019