The Malaysian Government Must Curb Trade Between Malaysia And The Zionist Apartheid State


22 October 2018


Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) notes with grave concern recent reports that Malaysia was a purchaser of Israeli-produced spyware. 

If the report is true, it is but an indication that trading relations between Malaysia and the Zionist apartheid state exist despite the official stand of the Malaysian government that it will not countenance any diplomatic, cultural, economic or any other form of ties whatsoever with Israel.

The public has to understand that as long as the Zionist apartheid state is treated with respectability, normality and a ‘business-as-usual’ attitude, it will consider that an endorsement of its oppressive policies towards the Palestinian people, making a just peace for all parties in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict harder to achieve. Just as the apartheid regime of South Africa was peacefully dismantled through a boycott and sanctions campaign, the same objective can be achieved using the same means against Israel. The Zionist apartheid state must continue to be the target of campaigns to isolate it. 

In this respect, BDS Malaysia is disappointed that trade had taken place between Malaysia and Israel the past several years. However, we note that that had taken place when Malaysia was under a political party which since May 2018 is no longer in government. 

We heartily welcome the strong pro-Palestinian stance of the new Malaysian government and encourage it to take meaningful steps to clamp down on illicit trade with the Zionist apartheid state. We therefore urge the government to:

a) investigate the allegations regarding the purchase of the Israeli spyware, establish its veracity or otherwise and if it was true, establish who in the previous government was responsible.
b) devise and announce in Parliament measures to detect and curb illicit trade with Israel.

The people and government of Malaysia should not underestimate their ability to help in the Palestinian cause. Every little bit matters. Boycotting Israeli products and forsaking trade with the Zionist apartheid state will hurt them and help to advance the struggle for justice in Palestine.

Chairman, Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia)

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