Media Statement by BDS Malaysia on the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza

Media Statement by BDS Malaysia on the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza

6 May 2019

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions - Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) strongly condemns the ongoing Israeli terrorism directed against the people of Gaza.

This latest round of Zionist atrocity started on Friday 3rd May when Palestinian civilians in the peaceful Great Return March including a group which was three kilometres away from the separation fence were deliberately targeted and fired on by Israeli forces, killing and injuring several. None of those civilians presented any kind of military threat to the Israelis. It should be noted that nearly 300 participants of the peaceful Great Return March have previously been shot dead by Israeli long-range snipers, including women and children as well as reporters and medical workers.  

Israeli attacks have intensified from then on and retaliatory rockets fired by the Palestinian resistance forces were in response to these violations by the Israelis.

Israeli massacre of Palestinians by airstrikes have to date resulted in 24 deaths including two pregnant women and their unborn children and two infants. 154 people have been injured so far. Casualties have been overwhelmingly civilian. Buildings and physical structures targeted by Israeli terrorism included homes, a mosque, workshops, seaports and agriculture land projects.

These war crimes cannot be allowed to continue and unbridled Israeli aggression against the people of Gaza has to stop.

The best way to stop the Zionist apartheid state from perpetrating further atrocities against the Palestinian people is to apply pressure by boycotting and applying sanctions against it.

We therefore call on the government and people of Malaysia and indeed the whole world to support the efforts of global Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement to isolate the Zionist apartheid state. The time for the criminal to be punished and the victim compensated is long overdue.

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