Media Statement from BDS Malaysia on the Warsaw Summit

Media Statement from BDS Malaysia on the Warsaw Summit

16 February 2019

When others in and outside the Middle East are continuing efforts to isolate the Zionist apartheid regime, it makes a highly deplorable sight for Arab leaders to be seen sitting in the same meeting as the Israeli prime minister, as what happened during the recent Warsaw summit. All the more so when none of those Arab leaders brought up the issue of justice for Palestinians during that meeting. The Israeli PM was all too eager to be photographed with the Arab leaders, thus providing him with campaign fodder and the boast that the Arab world is open to the normalisation of relations with Israel – without Israel changing any of its policies towards Palestinians. The clear Israeli intent is to weaken the all sectors official Arab ban on conducting contacts with it and thus make the idea of diplomatic relations more amenable to the population of those Arab states.  

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) condemns in the strongest terms possible any move by the Arab states which attended the said summit to normalise relations with Israel before true Palestinian self-determination and a genuine and just peace is achieved. Such a move is nothing more and nothing less than abandonment by the Arab states of their Palestinian brothers and sisters to ever continuing dispossession and genocide at the hands of Netanyahu and his ilk.    

The spectre of Iran has been and is being used to manipulate these Arab states into doing the unthinkable. As has been stated before, their leaders should ask themselves, between Israel and Iran, which one has done more to attack, invade, bomb and occupy the territories of its neighbours these past several decades to warrant prudent fear and concern. Surely the answer is clear.

Those Arab states, before even countenancing formal ties with the Zionist regime, ought to consider the sentiments and feelings of their own citizenry towards warming up to Israel while Israel itself continues to kill, injure and steal land from their Palestinian brethren. There is a strong possibility that those Arab regimes will become more unpopular with their own people if they normalise relations with an Israel which continues its brutal oppression of Palestinians. Ultimately, it may be Israel and not Iran that will be the cause of their downfall.

There will be more ‘Warsaw summits’ in the future. We strongly urge the governments of those Arab countries which attended the recent one to refrain from lending themselves to be exploited by the Zionist regime for its own ends, none of which include justice and dignity to Palestinians.


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