Boycott, Divest, Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) is utterly aghast that the Australian government under Prime Minister Scott Morrison has seen it fit to play to the Zionist tune and recognise Jerusalem, albeit only the western half, as the capital of Israel. Doing so and at the same time still declaring that it believes in the two-state solution only betrays the hypocrisy of the Morrison administration over the whole issue. As long as they are rewarded for maintaining their apartheid state and oppressive policies towards Palestinians, the Zionists will not be moved to seek a genuine and just peace with Palestinians whether it is within a two-state or one-state or ten-state framework.  

BDS Malaysia also notes that in spite of prior intimations and indications from the Malaysian government that a decision on Jerusalem should be avoided out of respect for the UN resolutions regarding its final status and for a just and permanent peace between Israel and Palestine to be achieved, the Morrison administration has chosen to ignore all of them. 

That being the case, BDS Malaysia calls on the Malaysian government to respond firmly in ways which entail more than mere words of condemnation: 

  • The Malaysian foreign ministry should summon the Australian High Commissioner for Malaysia’s displeasure to be firmly conveyed to the Morrison administration.
  • KL should downgrade its current diplomatic relations with Canberra. 
  • KL should review all current trading links and exchanges with Australia. 

BDS Malaysia calls on all Malaysians 

  • To participate in the peaceful demonstration planned for the afternoon of Friday, 21st December in front of the KL Australian High Commission in order to publicly express our dismay and opposition to the Morrison administration’s decision regarding the status of Jerusalem.
  • To avoid buying all Australian meat, dairy, agricultural and other products. Do not ask if that will have any discernible impact on the situation. Just do it. The boycott will cease once the Australian government reverses its position on Jerusalem.

We do all the above in solidarity with all Palestinians for whom the right to live in peace and dignity in their own state has been denied these past 70 years. The perpetuation of the gross injustice against Palestinians is indeed the worst moral crisis of our modern times. 

In taking all the measures above, we bear no enmity whatsoever towards the people of Australia. 

The Morrison administration has chosen to sell its soul and sacrifice the national interests of Australia on the altar of Trumpism.

It has chosen the same path of lawlessness and disrespect for international resolutions and close neighbours that has been taken by the pariah Zionist apartheid state.

By unashamedly and unquestioningly supporting an ongoing settler-colonist racist project called Israel which unrelentingly victimises the indigenous Palestinian population, the Morrison administration has rendered hollow and hypocritical all the words of sorrow and contrition expressed by the Australian government over the past dispossession and inhumanity inflicted on Australia’s own indigenous population. 

It is time the Morrison administration is taught some home truths.

Chairman, BDS Malaysia
Last modified onTuesday, 18 December 2018 08:50
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