Dr. Fadi Al Batsh from Gaza, Palestine, was ruthlessly killed


April 21, 2018

At about 6am this morning a BDS Malaysia activist, Dr. Fadi Al Batsh from Gaza, Palestine, was ruthlessly killed while walking to a surau (prayer hall) in Medan Idaman, Gombak, to perform his subuh (dawn) prayers.

The two assassins, who were on a motorcycle, fired more than 10 shots to his head and body, killing Dr. Fadi instantly. 

BDS Malaysia condemns in the strongest terms possible such a dastardly and heinous crime, more so when the victim was such a gentle, soft-spoken person never involved in any activity that by any stretch of the imagination can be described as militaristic or violent in nature. 

Dr Fadi was a lecturer with a PhD and was sponsored by Yayasan Khazanah Foundation due to his excellent results while studying at the University of Malaya.

Due to his status as a Palestinian national, the question is raised as to whether the Israel regime was involved in this killing, especially since the Malaysian government recently allowed an Israeli delegation into the country to a UN-sponsored conference.

BDS Malaysia is alarmed by what had taken place and hopes the caretaker government and the police will carry out a detailed and thorough investigation to identify those responsible for this crime and bring them to justice as soon as possible.

BDS Malaysia expresses its profound sadness and sorrow over the loss of a beloved member of the movement and offers its condolences to the widow and family of Dr. Fadi Al Batsh. We grieve alongside them and pray that Allah (swt) will grant them strength and patience in this difficult and sad times.

May Allah (swt) grant Dr. Fadi's soul a place among the martyrs and the righteous. He will be sorely missed. 

Prof. Mohd Nazari Ismail
BDS Malaysia

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