In response to the statements of Israeli Occupation representative Danny Danon in UNSC (HAMAS)

Press Release issued by the Islamic Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas

16 May 2018

In response to the statements of Israeli Occupation representative Danny Danon in UNSC meeting:

As expected, the Israeli Occupation representative to the UN, Danny Danon, including the Zionist leaders in general, are trying to cover up the on-going crimes of the Israeli Occupation against innocent Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip by issuing fabricated and misleading statements during the United Nations Security Council meeting held on Tuesday to look into the massacre perpetrated by the Israeli Occupation against Palestinian citizens in Gaza, forgetting that their terrorist character has been exposed and can’t be covered.

Instead of recognizing the truth and taking responsibility as an Occupying force, as stipulated by international law, for the crimes carried out by Israel, Danon tried to use fabrication and deception to accuse Hamas and its leaders of violence and terrorism to justify the Occupation’s crimes and terrorist acts. 

From this position, we confirm that the Hamas Movement along with all Palestinian forces and people headed towards the border fence in peace with determination and awareness to dismantle Gaza’s open air prison and demand their right to return, break the siege and live a decent life.

We also confirm to the Zionist enemy and its leaders that the resistance factions taking part in these peaceful protests alongside our people, with awareness and keenness, are able to retaliate to these crimes with full force. We also call on the international community to garner these times and put an end to these crimes, and force the Israeli Occupation to lift the unjust siege on Gaza without condition.

Every day goes on without an end to this crisis in sight and as previously mentioned by the United Nations, Gaza will be unliveable in 2020. An explosion due to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is imminent to happen and it will affect everyone.

The Islamic Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas

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