BDS Malaysia calls on Malaysians to boycott

by Roland Loh

BDS Malaysia is disappointed to learn that, an online travel aggregator for flights and travel accommodation has decided to list occupied East Jerusalem as a part of Israel.

Regardless of the pretensions of the Israeli Zionist regime, and the USA, international law and conventions do not recognise Israel’s attempts to seize all of Jerusalem for itself. It is surprising that a company based in the Netherlands would take this decision to list all of Jerusalem as part of Israel, when neither the Netherlands, nor the EU, have recognised this settler colonialist land grab by the Zionist regime.

BDS Malaysia calls on all Malaysians to boycott, until it reverses its decision to be complicit with the Israeli Zionist regime in the oppression of Palestinians. Malaysians should also contact, and inform them as to why they are choosing to boycott and use alternate travel aggregators.

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